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                DSC Materials&Equiment

                    The market share of HeptaChroma products about DSC experimental materials and equipments have been increased to 80% in the past 4 years in China. The good quality and the prompt technical support have attracted over 300 clients including universities, research institutes and companies from home and abroad to purchase our products. With the technical progress, HeptaChroma got the support from National Innovation Fund for Technology Based Firms in 2008 for further development of the DSC fundamental research. We are now improving our production capacity, developing new and more DSC materials and equipments to meet the growing demand from customers.

                      HeptaChroma products and service are as follows:

                  1. Dyes  --  Ruthenium dyes and metal-free organic dyes
                  2. High performance electrolyte and electrolyte components
                  3. Pastes  --  Screen printable TiO2 pastes and Pt pastes
                  4. TiO2 electrodes and Pt electrodes
                  5. Sealing materials
                  6. Special chemicals and materials
                  7. DSC equipments
                  8. The construction of DSC lab and DSC technical training
                     Please browse our website for more information about our products and if you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us!

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